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Find Quality Cleaning Maids with The Ana’s Cleaning Services

Our many years of providing consistent house cleaning, quality maid service to satisfied customers has showed that a team of two cleaning maids is the best team to ensure deep cleaning and quality service for you family and your home needs.

We at Ana’s Cleaning Service Company are proud of our professional team. Our team members will thoroughly clean your home, while still providing you with the special personal touches you would expect from someone you know and trust.

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Our cleaning process is simple. As a owner operated we delegate share our team members has a special house cleaning job, or function, to perform each time he or she visits your home: bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, dusting or vacuuming.

This is why 99% of our clients would recommend Ana’s Cleaning Services to their family and friends.

Contact us for more information about hiring one of our teams of Ana’s Cleaning Services.

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Your family may not be the only ones enjoying the sofa. The soft, comfortable places where families relax and play at home can harbor millions of bacteria. For example, Staphylococcus bacteria can live on soft surfaces for 24 hours.

Bacteria living within a biofilm need to excrete the sticky goo that holds the biofilm together, which is problematic because synthesising and secreting goo takes up a lot of energy. So within this colony, there will be 'cheaters' - those bacteria that live in the surrounding goo produced by others, while making none themselves.Bacteria living within a biofilm need to excrete the sticky goo that holds the biofilm together, which is problematic because synthesising and secreting goo takes up a lot of energy. So within this colony, there will be ‘cheaters’ – those bacteria that live in the surrounding goo produced by others, while making none themselves.

“Bacteria can be found just about everywhere around the home – on both hard and soft surfaces alike,” says pediatrician Dr. Laura Jana. “While many families take aim at bacteria on hard surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, soft surfaces tend to fly under the radar during cleaning routines.”

Some commonly overlooked household soft surfaces include:

•Sofas – Since kids spend a significant amount of time playing, sleeping and eating on the sofa, bacteria tends to accumulate on this piece of furniture. However, a recent survey from the Hygiene Council found that the majority (61 percent) of Americans sanitized their sofa only a few times, if at all, since it was purchased. •Mattresses – Families commonly think that washing their sheets is enough to keep their beds clean. However, people shed bacteria-harboring skin cells onto their mattress each night when they sleep, which becomes especially problematic when someone is sick. This provides food for microbes and dust mites. •Pillows – Any surface where people rest their heads is bound to be filled with bacteria, especially surfaces that are consistently used, such as pillows. The mouth, nose and ears are vulnerable orifices that rub against pillows and pick up bacteria left behind by previous users. •Fabric Shoes – Shoes are in constant contact with the ground, which is known to be one of the dirtiest surfaces, but it’s not just the sole of the shoe that collects grime. The fabric surface on shoes also harbors bacteria that is easily transferred when tying your laces or slipping on your heel. •Car Seats – While their purpose is to offer protection on the road, bacteria lurk in the fabric covering of car seats. They often catch crumbs and absorb spills that can accumulate over time.

What You Can Do •Clean your soft furnishings and surfaces regularly to remove germs and microbial food sources. •Consider a steam vapor sanitation device to kill germs without the use of harmful chemicals. Some units have been shown to be very effective at killing pathogens as well as dust mites in fabrics. •UV-C or ultraviolet light has demonstrated effectiveness against microbes on carpets and hard surfaces alike. Some vacuum cleaners offer a UV-C light mounted on the bottom of the vacuum to help control bacterial growth.

•Sanitizing sprays can be very effective at killing bacteria and viruses on soft surfaces.

For more information on proper disinfection and sanitizing routines, families can visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at www.cdc.gov.

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Customer's Comments:
"You are wonderful, we like you a lot and want to work with you two days per week."
Steve Hauck, Dover, MA.

Everything looked wonderful, always!
Thank you all so much — you’re a godsend.

Maggie, Holliston, MA.

The cleaners who came last week were wonderful. They were extremely professional cleaners and did a great job. Things were crazy here since we had just returned from the hospital after my husband injured himself. They were very patient with our crazy situation. It has been a complicated couple of weeks.

Muldoon, Natick, MA

I wanted to write again, this time to say THANKS! The house was cleaned yesterday and it looks fantastic!

Jackman, Norton MA.

Ana have been working for me several years. I have had people clean my home for over 30 years and they are the best.
Susan Setta, Natick, MA

She and her assistant did a very thorough job on my mother-in-law’s home (which had not had a deep cleaning in probably years). They were very friendly and professional. They moved everything to clean and then put everything back.
Wonderful – highly recommend.

Sharon K. Shewsbury, MA.

Anna and her helper are both very pleasant and thorough. Anna understood exactly what I wanted done and urged me to check everything out when she was done. She speaks English and brings all her own materials.

Elaine, Belmont, MA.

"If you need something done that does not fall within the realm of housecleaning, we can help you with that too. We are all about servicing you and making your life easier, after all that is what we are here for."

Ana Silva.
(508) 740-2169
Ana's Cleaning Services, Framingham MA

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