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Odors rise with the temperature. Odors intensify in the warm summer months, garbage or fragrant flowers blooming in a garden can be easy notice on warm days.

A deep house cleaning can help to avoid the bad smell to stick to the walls, sofa and furniture.

The combination of heat plus humidity allows bacteria to grow  and smells travel farther, said Victoria Henshaw, who researches urban smells throughout the world.

“The air becomes a smelly soup that we all breathe in,” Henshaw said.

It’s the worst heat wave of the summer season and people across the US are working hard to stay cool. NBC’s Melissa Mollet reports.

Unfortunately, rotten aromas trump pleasant scents when it’s hot, allowing the odor of pollution to travel further and overpower fruity smells or freshly cut grass.

Humid air traps smells and causes them to linger longer than they usually would, said Avert Gilbert, a smell psychologist. He said it’s not just an intensification of already-present odors like urine and garbage that makes summer’s stinkier.

“Stores open up, restaurants open their doors,” he said, “There’s just more smells pouring into the streets than on a brisk fall day or a cold winter.”

That means when the fish market owner dumps the ice into the drain, it’s going to fill the air more in the summer than on a cooler, fall day.

Certain smells can fill a room, like cinnamon or popcorn.

“If someone’s mulling wine in your kitchen, it will fill the whole house,” Gilbert said. “If you walk by a movie theater, the smell of popcorn surrounds you.”

Henshaw takes people on smell walks all across the world, where she said people are more willing to smell things they would normally turn their noses up to.

“With great gusto, people will go up and sniff the trash,” she said.

Human’s sense of smell evolves over their lifetimes. In fact, as babies, humans gravitate toward the smell of feces because it is something they are familiar with, Henshaw said. It isn’t until babies get older that they realize it’s not a good smell, she said.

Since smell is part of our olfactory senses, many people associate certain smells with people or areas. Henshaw said humans have the ability to remember a smell for more than 60 years.

“Our mind just takes us back to that space and time,” she said. “That’s why smell has such an association with certain cities.”

“It smells like a petting zoo carefully adorned with hot, wet garbage and the subtle hint of pee pee,” said New Yorker Stefania Orru of the city’s intense summer smells.

The city’s smells aren’t going anywhere soon, so Henshaw said she recommends embracing the smells and getting used to them. That, or buying a scented handkerchief drenched with your favorite perfume.

Ana cleaning call now
Customer's Comments:
"You are wonderful, we like you a lot and want to work with you two days per week."
Steve Hauck, Dover, MA.

Everything looked wonderful, always!
Thank you all so much — you’re a godsend.

Maggie, Holliston, MA.

The cleaners who came last week were wonderful. They were extremely professional cleaners and did a great job. Things were crazy here since we had just returned from the hospital after my husband injured himself. They were very patient with our crazy situation. It has been a complicated couple of weeks.

Muldoon, Natick, MA

I wanted to write again, this time to say THANKS! The house was cleaned yesterday and it looks fantastic!

Jackman, Norton MA.

Ana have been working for me several years. I have had people clean my home for over 30 years and they are the best.
Susan Setta, Natick, MA

She and her assistant did a very thorough job on my mother-in-law’s home (which had not had a deep cleaning in probably years). They were very friendly and professional. They moved everything to clean and then put everything back.
Wonderful – highly recommend.

Sharon K. Shewsbury, MA.

Anna and her helper are both very pleasant and thorough. Anna understood exactly what I wanted done and urged me to check everything out when she was done. She speaks English and brings all her own materials.

Elaine, Belmont, MA.

"If you need something done that does not fall within the realm of housecleaning, we can help you with that too. We are all about servicing you and making your life easier, after all that is what we are here for."

Ana Silva.
(508) 740-2169
Ana's Cleaning Services, Framingham MA

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