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Invite your guests, develope a menu, agonize over activities. Now the guests will arrive at your home ready to be entertained. Depite all other preparation, none is more important than assuring that your guests of a comfortable, clean, place to be entertained in, your home. Take the time to make your home ready for guests. These  ideas for pre-party cleaning to help you get more out of your event can help you a little.

Here’s How:

1.Evaluate what needs to be done.
Writing down a quick list of rooms and places in your home that need attention will give you a plan. Don’t forget entry areas and coat closets.

2.Start with the most important rooms.
Sometimes it helps to begin cleaning from the entryway to your home, and work your way through the places your guests are most likely to go. Check out the intense cleaning guides for living areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

3.Don’t forget the clutter.
Clutter can give a spotless home a messy appearance. Give your guests room to move freely in your home. If you’re having trouble getting rid of items ask yourself these questions about clutter. Try to get yourself jump started by choosing a small junk drawer and trying the quick clutter clearing ideas. Don’t forget to use the 4 container clutter method to organize any job.

4.Take shortcuts that work for you.
If there won’t be any children at the party and your guests will only be in living areas, don’t worry about cleaning and detailing family bedrooms. If the party is informal, make your serving dishes informal too. Find ways to save time that fit with the party you’re trying to have.

5.Prepare for minor cleaning emergencies during the party.
Be aware that stains are probably the number one party cleanup culprit. Stock up on your favorite stain removal products. Double check the stain removal helplist. Most of all, don’t stress. These things happen and being prepared only shows more of your ability as host or hostess.

6.Recruit help.
Use your family or closest friends to help you prepare. Find tips on involving your family in cleaning and use them to mobilize your forces at home. Check out our ideas on making chores fun. For many people, professional cleaning help may be the better choice. If you intend to have help before or during the party, be sure to reserve your place as soon as you have the dates and times you’ll need them. Especially during any holiday season, help can be hard to find.

7.Add your own finishing touches.
Preparing your home for a party is more than just stripping it of its clutter and dirt. It also gives you a chance to add small touches that make your home comfortable and inviting. Try flower arrangements, photographs, candles, or incense. Try to stimulate the senses of your guests. Do a walk-through after you’ve cleaned and decluttered to see how your guests will experience the rooms in your home.

8.Enjoy the party.
Try not to stress over the little things that may seem to go wrong during the party. Just enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

1.The more involved and complicated the party is, the more time you’ll have to prepare your home. Last minute informal gatherings do not require your home to be in perfect order. The 15 minute cleanups should be adequate to get your house in shape.
What You Need:
•Pen and paper
•Various cleaning supplies
•4 boxes to clear clutter
•Finishing decorative touches
•Stain treatment products

Ana’s Cleaning Services Frequent Question Asked & Policiesanimated_question_mark

– The First Time…
Upon inspection of your home, the Ana’s Cleaning Services manager will assign two costs: one for the first time Cleaning and one for the normal cleanings.
First time cleanings usually take all day and their purpose is to bring your home “up to speed” so that the normal Cleanings go on smoothly from that point on.

– Do you provide the Cleaning Products?
The first time we do provide the products (unless the client prefers certain products) but after we are done we will leave a list of what products we will need for the next cleaning

– What is your cleaning schedule changes policy?
Weekly and Biweekly cleaning customers have to contact us no less then 48 prior to their next cleaning if the customers fail to do that they will have to pay for the cleaning.

– Monthly Cleaning Customers
Unlike Weekly & Biweekly customers, monthly customers will receive a phone call 1 day prior to their next scheduled cleaning. You can request any weekday before your next cleaning date, which would be 4 weeks (28 days) from your last cleaning.

Monthly customers are not allowed to SKIP a cleaning due to the length of time between cleanings. If a Monthly customer needs to reschedule, the day must be rescheduled to the same week of scheduled service. If there is a deviation from this, we will charge $45/hr to return your home to our standard of clean, and we will do our best estimate how many hours it should take to return your home to that standard

– What is your cleaning service schedule cancellation policy ?
All Skips & Reschedules should be brought to the attention of our Manger within “48business hours” of your cleaning. For example, if you are calling to cancel a Monday cleaning, please call by Thursday morning.
If 48 business hours is not provided to us, or we are unable to access your home at the time of cleaning, you will be required to pay the entire cost of the missed cleaning.

– What if I can’t be at home to “greet” the teams every time I have service?
There are two options available:
1. You may leave the key(s) in a designated, pre-arranged location on your property. Please notify us upon doing so.
2. We will be able to keep a copy of your building / apartment key on file at our Main Office.

– What type payment methods are excepted?
Cash checks or pay pal. if your check doesn’t have funds you will be charged a certain rate.

– Do you have a referral program?
We encourage word-of-mouth referrals and offer a $10 credit towards anyone’s account who refers someone that becomes one of our regular customers.
* Please make sure that the person you are referring mentions your name at the time of Initial Estimate.

– What do you mean by “Cleaning Crew” (aka: “The Girls”)?
Typically, our residential cleaning crew consists of two women, each of which has been thoroughly trained to clean your home in the most productive & timely fashion.
Office & commercial cleanings sometimes require more team members, however this varies from job to job.

– Will I always have the same Cleaning Crew?
We  understands how important it is to have someone knowledgeable frequent your home. For a majority of situations, provided you stay on the regular schedule, you will see the same faces week after week. Occasionally, however, schedule changes may require us to send a different team. It is advised that if you have any specific cleaning requests, they should be brought to the attention of our manager . This will insure that all of your specific needs are met, regardless of who services your home.

– The girls did another great job! How can I tip them?
You are more than welcome to provide a gratuity to the girls, however it is asked that this be left separately from your service payment and in cash, preferably in an envelope labeled: “For the Girls”. Any tips added onto the regular cost of cleaning will NOT be processed.

Contact us:

Here is our Ana’s Cleaning Service Weekly Cleaning Checklist.

After the initial service done, we will routinely complete the  following cleaning checklist week after week.  Our Weekly & Every Other Week schedule clients enjoy fixed rates that reflect that they are living in a well organized home.

Here is the our Weekly Cleaning Checklist for the KITCHEN:

  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Spot cleaning on cabinets and drawers faces
  • Clean Appliances (toaster, coffee maker, microwaves, fridge door)
  • Clean & disinfect countertops
  • Clean stove top 
  • Clean oven
  • Wipe dishwasher door
  • Empty, clean & sanitize trash can
  • Clean Kitchen table
  • Dust baseboards
  • Vacuum and Mop all floors

Bathroom Weekly Cleaning Check list for  BATHROOMS:

  • Dust Light Fixtures
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Spot wash cabinets doors and drawer daces
  • Desinfect Shower,  bath-tub and tiles
  • Scrubb vanity sinks and all countertops
  • Dust all bathroom fixtures
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Shower Glass Cleaned (becarefully we will leave it close)
  • Toilet Scrubbed
  • Remove trash lines, Clean trash Can
  • Baseboards and floor tiles hand washed
  • Hand washing floor behind

Here is our Weekly Cleaning Checklist for your BEDROOMS:

  • Dusting fan blades
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust window sills
  • Dust wall frames
  • Clean and dust mirrors
  • Furniture dusting
  • Bed linens changing
  • Remove Trash Reline Trash Can
  • Dust exposed baseboards
  • Vacuum all floors

Here is our Weekly Cleaning Checklist for your Common Living Areas:

  • Dust any fan blades
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Dust Window Sills
  • Dust wall frames
  • Dust all Furnitures
  • Vacuum upholstered chair, sofas and couch
  • Dust baseboards
  • Dust banisters and chair rails
  • Vacuum Steps
  • Vacuum and Mopping all floors

Our Work

As a team of 02 people, we are able to do all the cleaning service tasks* at same cleaning time.  Apartments and small houses cleaning are done in one hour and half and we stay longer as needs.  Price for small houses and apartments starts at $65.00 per weekly cleaning  and goes up to $350.00 to do floor to ceiling deep cleaning .


We carry the necessary insurances to cover any type of loss: if something is broken or damaged it will be replaced immediately. If you need to change your cleaning day or time due a Holiday Party or other Party, we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you need something done that does not fall within the realm of housecleaning, we can help you with that too. We are all about servicing you and making your life easier, after all that is what we are here for.

How to Contact us

We can always be reached via E-mail or Telephone, so communication is never an issue.

All calls and E-mails are returned within 24 hours.

We are looking forward to work with you.

Ana Silva.

Ana cleaning call now
Customer's Comments:
"You are wonderful, we like you a lot and want to work with you two days per week."
Steve Hauck, Dover, MA.

Everything looked wonderful, always!
Thank you all so much — you’re a godsend.

Maggie, Holliston, MA.

The cleaners who came last week were wonderful. They were extremely professional cleaners and did a great job. Things were crazy here since we had just returned from the hospital after my husband injured himself. They were very patient with our crazy situation. It has been a complicated couple of weeks.

Muldoon, Natick, MA

I wanted to write again, this time to say THANKS! The house was cleaned yesterday and it looks fantastic!

Jackman, Norton MA.

Ana have been working for me several years. I have had people clean my home for over 30 years and they are the best.
Susan Setta, Natick, MA

She and her assistant did a very thorough job on my mother-in-law’s home (which had not had a deep cleaning in probably years). They were very friendly and professional. They moved everything to clean and then put everything back.
Wonderful – highly recommend.

Sharon K. Shewsbury, MA.

Anna and her helper are both very pleasant and thorough. Anna understood exactly what I wanted done and urged me to check everything out when she was done. She speaks English and brings all her own materials.

Elaine, Belmont, MA.

"If you need something done that does not fall within the realm of housecleaning, we can help you with that too. We are all about servicing you and making your life easier, after all that is what we are here for."

Ana Silva.
(508) 740-2169
Ana's Cleaning Services, Framingham MA

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